Allamuchy Townships Scenic & Historic Locations Via Path & Trail is the beginning of one of several outreach programs within Allamuchy Townships Open Space Program.

The concept of this particular project all began at the Allamuchy Township Public Open Space Meeting held on September 20, 2004 at Town Hall. This meeting was conducted by Morris Land Conservancy, Inc. on behalf of Allamuchy Township to update our Open Space Program and keep our program within the guide lines of N.J. Green Acres requirements. The meeting was a mandated function, which allowed the public an opportunity to review the Open Space Programs progress to date and also to have input in the programs future. During this meeting the public was shown various photos from the Allamuchy Township Digital Photo Albums, which is another of the Townships outreach programs. These photos with other presentations helped make the public very aware that the Township has many sites well worth visiting.
One of the mandates set at this meeting, was to have a program, which would identify these sites for walking and hiking trips.

The Director of Open Space advised that he was familiar with the Open Space Sites throughout the Township and also in Allamuchy State Park and he would be able to write up mini tours showing the public where these sites are and how best to get there. He would further try to rate each trip so that our seniors, very young and others could review the trip from home and determine if they would be able to make that trip comfortably.

This guide is the beginning of an on going series of trips and tours that will be written up and given out to the public via various media so that they may look at and decide where they would like to visit. The goal is to provide two trips per month in formal text to be given out to the public. Each walk or tour will be its own chapter in an ongoing book. The Township as time passes should have an impressive number of sites in an easy to access book. I would also like to mention this info will be available on The Allamuchy Township Environmental Commissions Website which is our third mentioned outreach program.

We have some of the most beautiful natural sites in our State! We share a great historical heritage! It is our sincere hope that these various programs help you to participate in sharing with us these beautiful natural and interesting historical sites.

Charles A. Fineran, Jr.
Director of Open Space
Allamuchy Twp. Environmental Commission