Municipal Clerk

The Municipal Clerk's duties, as defined by N.J.S.A. 40A:9-135) include:

  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation. This includes the following:
    • Act as custodian of the municipal seal
    • Maintain custody of all minutes, books, deeds, bonds, contracts, and archival records of the municipal corporation
    • Attest to the signatures of municipal officers and officals
    • Maintain receipt of service of legal documents
  • Secretary to the Governing Body
    • Prepare agenda for annual Reorganization of the Governing Body
    • Maintain and keep new members of the Governing Body aware of Rules of Order for conducting meetings
    • Prepare meeting agenda at the discretion of the Governing Body; be present at all meetings of the Governing Body
    • Keep an official record of the proceedings of every meeting; retain the original copies of all minutes, ordinances, and resolutions
    • Process, record, file and, when necessary, advertise ordinances, resolutions, and the municipal budget
    • Administer and record oaths of office: October 31, 2004:
      • Before assuming office, every person elected or appointed shall take and subscribe to an oath of office
      • The oaths shall be filed with the Municipal Clerk and preserved as a public record for a period of 5 years after termination of office
    • Maintain custody of all official records not specifically handled by other departments. Handles all public records (O.P.R.A.)
    • Act as a liaison to the public and correspondent on behalf of the Governing Body
  • Chief Administrative Officer of All Elections Held in the Municipality
  • Chief Registrar of Voters in the Municipality. Handles Marriage Licenses, Birth Certificates, and Death Certificates.